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The gold standard to cut bone in surgery is using an oscillating saw. The drawbacks of this traditional technique are a cutting width of up to 2mm resulting in an ablation of a significant amount of bone, poor protection of soft tissues and thermal damage to the bone close to the osteotomy gap by frictional heat.

In contrast, the CARLO device, after the initial pre-operative planning of the intervention on CT images and referencing of the patient, the bone cuts (osteotomy) are performed automatically by CARLO using a powerful laser. During the cutting process, the CARLO is continuously controlled by an integrated array of sensors to ensure safe and accurate ablation.

The core technologies that must be mastered to achive this goal are:
"Cold" laser photoablation of hard tissues
Easy to use planning and navigation tools for robotic surgery
Compact opto-acoustic devices for real-time depth control during photoablation